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1. When does Freedom Foundry Start?

What’s great about The Freedom Foundry is that you can get started at any time. Investment opportunities are available at any time. It’s more about when YOU are ready. The Freedom Foundry community has content that is self-paced which allows you to go through as fast or as slow as you’d like. However, we do offer periodic Jump Start sessions throughout the year where you can join and engage with me and the community to jump start your investments.


2. Who is Freedom Foundry for?

 The Freedom Foundry is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to get started building their rental portfolio or start a business based around real estate. I’ve acquired dozens of rental properties, been involved in 100s of deals, and built a business around buying/selling property. I know of no better way to build wealth, create cash flow, and engineer your freedom from the daily grind of working for a living. This community and resources are tailor-made for the busy professional who wants out of the day job and wants to create a life of joy, satisfaction, and freedom.


3. Who is this not for?

This is not for anyone who doesn’t want to put in the work to find, acquire, and manage property or build a real estate business. There’s no quick and easy path to riches and wealth. That’s a fairy-tale. This is a proven system I’ve used personally to escape my life of working for “the man” and dozens of others have followed to develop the skills, processes, procedures to build a business AND portfolio based on real estate.


4. Will Freedom Foundry work for me?

The philosophy and techniques shared in The Freedom Foundry community have worked for me and my students at every level, giving them the chance to quit their 9-5 and make an income to provide for their family. However, it does require work, and results are NOT guaranteed. You will have to make a commitment to yourself that you and your family are so important that you won’t’ stop until you’ve exhausted every possible solution. The worst-case scenario is you go back to a 9-5 job just like you have now. You owe it to yourself to bet on you. If you discover this isn’t for you, at least you’ll know you’ve exhausted every possibility and you can move forward knowing you didn’t play it safe.


5. Can I do this if I have a full-time job?

Yes, I started this path with a full-time job and many of my most successful clients have built their portfolio or business as a side hustle before quitting their job. The day you quit your job is a HUGE celebration in our community. Our purpose is to empower you to FIRE YOUR BOSS before YOUR BOSS FIRES you.


6. How much time will this take me?

This is a GREAT question! The short answer is as much time as it takes. The good news is there’s no time table and it’s not a race. You make it work within your current schedule. I’ve had clients who worked nights, worked two jobs taking up 80 hours a week, and worked in time zones across the world all to make ends meet.

Anything worth building takes sacrifice. The question is do you think YOU are worth it? If it’s important enough you will MAKE time. Our community is always online and available to answer your questions, help you muster up the courage to take action, and encourage you when there’s a bump in the road. Because I’ve been there and they’ve been there, too.

The Freedom Foundry community is here and ready to help you achieve YOUR goals on YOUR timeline.


7. Is there a payment plan?

Oh yes, my dear freedom fighter. You get access to everything I’ve accumulated and this community has accumulated for one low monthly price with no contract. You may binge the Freedom Foundry’s content and resources to your heart’s content. Our only ask of you is to make it worthwhile and put it to use. Otherwise, what is the point?


8. Will there be a forum in the Freedom Foundry community where I'll be supported?

Yes! Absolutely! That’s after all the whole point.


9. What currency are the payments in?

All payments are in US dollars (USD).


10. How long will I have access to the materials?

You will have access to every resource in the Freedom Foundry community for as long as you’re a member.


What People Are Saying:

2 years ago I wrote down a goal that I would own enough rental units that produce enough passive income for me to leave my W2 job and live a life more of my own design. It was 2 years ago when I started meeting with Paul, went through his coursework and joined his mastermind. This year I achieved that goal, quit my job and have been working on my fortune full time now. I can definitely say Paul was the number one advisor that helped me get to where I am today. It wouldn’t have happened without him. I joined for the mindset and mechanics for Real Estate Investing, but meeting lifelong friends has been the richest part of the journey.

Justin Foster

Hey bud! Just wanted to let you know I’m signing a contract tomorrow for a deal I found on Facebook Marketplace because of your technique. Thanks for the info you provided and I look forward to learning more.

Jason Painter

I don’t even know how I can repay Paul for all he’s done for us. We had to learn a few things the hard way but thanks to Paul we’ve turned things around. Listen to your mentor!

Rachel Acklin